Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Heartbeats - snapshots of my week

So excited to have purchased a spiraliser for raw 'pasta'
Smoothies taste so much better cold from the fridge with chunks of ice
I noticed that pansies from the garden smell so much better than shop bought flowers

Herbie recovering from a big night
Herbie and I are famous! Papped for a networking/Bath fashion week event (we're in the middle)
Herbie enjoyed his first ever boat trip around Bath

All images: my own


  1. "Tell me what you heart. x"

    I heart you, obviously, but li'l Herbie might well be fighting for the top spot at this rate. What a cute dog! Is he on a staple diet of bright green smoothies yet?!

    Love reading the blog by the way, keep up the good work. x

  2. Your dog is such a doll! And I have to your green smoothie recipe here soon. I am a sucker for ginger and mint. Yumm!


Tell me what you heart. x