Monday, 4 February 2013


Image: my own

Hummus has been a mainstay of my diet for as long as I can remember, especially handy for those who can't cook/won't cook which was me for many years. I didn't see what the fuss was about until recently and even now I have to be in the mood to roll my sleeves up in the kitchen.

I'm pretty particular about my hummus and I'm always disappointed when someone's fannied about with flavours, especially when it tastes of factory. I don't need synthetic coriander, chilli or sundried tomatoes in my hummus. I need it straight up and unadulterated. 

For a good old fashioned guide to hummus making I found How to make perfect hummus invaluable. Felicity Cloake has done all the hard work for us. I followed her perfect hummus recipe almost to the T. I failed on soaking chickpeas - tinned means I have more time for fun stuff - and I used smoked paprika instead of ground cumin. Either way this is a bad boy. It tastes good, is super easy to make and I love the the oil is added just on top. 

What's your fail safe dip? 


Tell me what you heart. x